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Have a favorite pose or landscape? Commission a piece!

Interested in my work but nothing in the inventory speaks to you or would work well in your living spaces? Have you gone on a special vacation recently and want to remember the experience? Maybe you have recently remodeled and want to have artwork that fits just right. Looking for a present for someone that is unique! Commission a piece! Its a super fun process and you end up with a one of a kind piece or work that reflects your personality, experiences, color preferences, and or home decor.

These pieces were custom ordered. My client and I discussed the variables with the piece. Sometimes the commission can be very loose or it can be very strict. For example, maybe you would like a female figure with a particular pose and some sort of galaxy or starscape. We can go into detail about the color scheme or not depending on your preferences. When I am making a piece for someone, I send them pictures in progress. I enjoy the dialogue and it helps ensure that you are happy with the end result.